Moore Emergency Shoreline Erosion Along Naches River, Naches, WA


In this project, the Naches River seriously threatened the home of Mark and Lilly Moore due to continued bank erosion. White Shield provided a sufficient evaluation, design, report, drawing, and preparation of the regulatory forms to mitigate continued bank erosion, and at the same time keeping the costs low for the client. In the investigation process, interviews were conducted with the client and a government official to obtain historical information of the property. It was found that native soils rested below a manmade fill. This information, as well as other information obtained by surveying various aspects of the property, such as river behavior and the stream velocity at the home, led to the conclusion that a boulder structure bank protection system, consisting of very large boulders placed in spaced trenches some 25 ft on-center, would provide the mass to mitigate continued bank erosion. It was also recommended that a boulder riprap at least 2ft on a side and live bundled branches and limbs between the boulder structures would provide the most cost effective and environmentally effective means for protecting the property from erosion.