Phase I ESA and Asbestos Survey of LaPointe’s Car Lot


Kennewick, WA for Home Street Bank

WSI performed a Phase I ESA for the property formerly operated as LaPointe’s Auto Company. We evaluated the likelihood of recognized environmental conditions being present at the site. The scope of work was in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E1527-05. The following subtasks were included. Review readily available information regarding current uses of the property and its surrounding. Information was gathered from various sources with respect to various uses of the property, which included assessor’s records, permits, historical maps, aerial photographs, state and federal databases of known contaminated sites. Other sources of information were detailed visual reconnaissance of the property, and cursory reconnaissance of the immediate site vicinity. Interviews with the property estate trustee, and other knowledgeable sources were conducted to obtain information as well. Aside from reviewing readily available information, an AHERA asbestos study of the building was conducted. The purpose of an AHERA asbestos study is to locate, identify, sample, and locate any asbestos-containing building material (ACBM). According to the EPA standards any material that contains 1% or more is considered ACBM. WSI took 26 bulk samples from the building and sent them to the International Asbestos Study Laboratory for testing. Nine of the 26 samples were considered ACBM. We also identified conditions that might result in on-site migration of contaminants from off-site sources. As well as indentifying conditions that might result in off-site migration of on-site contaminants by air emissions, groundwater, or other media of transportation.