Oroville/Osoyoos Border Station Design Development, Oroville, Washington

White Shield is providing civil engineering services for the design of the infrastructure of a joint, U.S./Canadian Border Station for Oroville, Washington and Osoyoos, Canada. Project tasks included, site work, survey and design services in relation to subsurface information sufficient to enable the development team to determine cost effective structural design and construction methods to address the foundation, drainage, pavement design, and fill/compaction criteria for the project. White Shield provided pre-design, site design, construction management services, construction monitoring, review and shop drawings. Geotechnical investigations included recommendations based on the geological mapping of the area. The subsurface exploration involved using a rotary drill with 6 soil borings at 20’ depth collected at 2.5 feet and 5 foot intervals on both sides of the border with additional samples taken as needed. In addition, utility options were reviewed for water, sanitary sewer for both animal and human waste(s), and gas options.Survey Services included topographic mapping and research of records for additional parcels for the project to include legal descriptions and a record of survey for property acquisition for the project.