Inchelium-Gifford Ferry Dock Rail System Design Services, Ferry County, Washington

White Shield has developed a unique ferry dock ramp that will significantly lower maintenance costs of the ramp, prevent damage to the ferry, and eliminate the need for the ferry to push the ramp itself. The design consists of a dock structure that rides on a fixed rail system. The dock is raised and lowered down the ramp with a motorized winch. Construction of the rail system is partially complete and construction of the dock is scheduled for January 2000. The total project cost is $1.1 million. White Shield, Inc. was selected to perform studies of four alternate designs for the construction of a moveable dock for the ferry operating between Inchelium and Gifford, Washington. The improvements were necessary to reduce maintenance costs and ramp serviceability of the old design, which will not handle large logging trucks, low-boy trailers, or recreational vehicles. The design is complicated by a constantly changing water level in Lake Roosevelt, whereby lake elevations can fluctuate up to 70 feet, and high level of maintenance of manual pushing the dock with the ferry boat.