Hazardous Materials Inventory; Categorization, Great Plains Region; Bureau of Indian Affairs


Hazardous Materials Inventory & Categorization, Great Plains Region; Bureau of Indian Affairs

White Shield provided inspection and project management support for the identification of unknown hazardous materials located at 28 Bureau of Indian Affairs road shop buildings located on various Indian Reservations in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The project included using a HAZCAT sampling kit to identify unknown chemical characteristics, compiling a complete list of hazardous materials, their location, description, condition, estimates of cost for removal and disposal, and identifying qualified transportation and disposal contractors to remove the materials. Segregation requirements and situations were identified and addressed that were immediately dangerous to health and the environment. This project covered a large geographic region and required a significant amount of planning and coordination with each Indian Reservation and Tribal Employment Rights Offices. White Shield staff also coordinated and managed the removal and disposal of 51 “lab pack” containers of laboratory wastes found in a warehouse on one of the reservations.