Curlew Job Corps Center, Wastewater Treatment Facility Design, Curlew, Washington

White Shield provided civil engineering services for the design of a wastewater treatment facility. The project is based on a Partial Mixed Aerated Lagoons alternative and was administered in two parts: Phase I included project kickoff, plan development, construction drawings and specifications, construction cost estimates, and permitting. Phase II included services during construction. Design responsibilities include all process, mechanical, electrical, and utilities, as well as earthwork for access roads and lagoons. The existing facility consisted of two septic tanks, a dosing tank and three drainfields. The existing drainfields were failing. The new design included the two existing septic tanks, some of the existing yard piping, two partially mixed aerated lagoons, and pressurized drainfields. Design constraints included simplicity in operation, reliability, and 10 mg/l total nitrogen in the effluent.