Allied Potato Processing Plant and Office Geotechnical Investigation, Allied Potato Northwest

Allied Potato

White Shield developed a Geotechnical Investigation Report for the construction of a 55,000 sf plant and office facility in Pasco, Washington. The site is located on Glade Road North in Pasco, WA. The buildings will be a two-story office, and a processing plant that is a slab-on-grade, steel structure with thickened slab concrete spread footings. Our geotechnical investigation of this site includes a review of the site geology, a description and assessment of site soils and subsurface profile, and geotechnical recommendations and specifications for construction of the retail/warehouse facility. Subsurface investigations were preformed using test pits to examine soil conditions and collection of samples. Water infiltrations tests to determine rates for storm water system and infiltration pond design. Seismic refraction surveys were used to determine the subsurface seismic velocity profile below the array including the depths of the subsurface layers. Due to conditions of fine dune sand, structural fill is required for all load bearing structures such as sidewalks, buildings, and asphalt.